Academic Affairs, Business Intelligence, Institutional Research and Assessment professionals from across the UT system are invited to engage with colleagues to explore how we can use data today and in the future to support the UT mission.

2023 UT Data Analytics Summit participants will:

  • Build collaborative relationships with data professionals across the system through meaningful dialogue.
  • Increase systemwide awareness of decision support tools, data analysis and data visualization.
  • Develop a more clear understanding of opportunities and challenges in data usage across the UT System.

Session Details:

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Data Dashboards in Practice

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Data Dashboards Q&A

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Presenters: Rachel Borashko, Assistant Director of Business Intelligence, UTSA

Jimmie Whittenbarger, Software Developer, UTSA

Jake Hagenow, Software Developer, UTSA

In this session, you can expect to learn about the UT System Institutional Effectiveness team’s new dashboard suite at We will explore the scope of the data and how the dashboards may be used to answer various questions about the UT System and its campuses.


Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Data Storytelling

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Presenter: Katie Jones, Data Visualization Specialist, UTSA

This presentation will provide an introduction to data storytelling and demonstrate how to create compelling data visualizations. Participants can expect to learn the value of data-driven narratives and strategies for designing with/for data. We will also look at examples of effective data visualization and discuss tips for implementation.


Thursday, July 13, 2023

Qualitative Data Panel

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Moderator: Ashley Ludewig, Assessment Coordinator, UTSA

Panelists: Melissa Brown, Director of Assessment and Strategic Initiatives for the Division of Student Life, UTK

Patty Flowers, Assessment Coordinator, Office of Curriculum and Assessment, UTM

Allen Dupont, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness & Decision Support, UTHSC

Matthew Little, Faculty & Director of Student Success, UTS

Join us for a panel discussion on collecting and analyzing qualitative data. The four panelists represent slightly different functional areas from across the UT System. You can expect to learn about strategies for working with qualitative data of different types and scales from a variety of perspectives.