UTSA Strategic Planning & Policy is responsible for coordination and preparation of the UT Strategic Plan as the University advances towards our goals in Enhancing Educational Excellence, Expanding Research Capacities, Fostering Outreach & Engagement, Ensuring Workforce & Administrative Excellence, and Advocating for UT.

What is Strategic Planning in Higher Education?

A sustainable approach to planning that builds relationships, aligns the organization, and emphasizes preparedness for change (SCUP, 2018).  The integrated planning process links vision, priorities, people, and the physical institution in a flexible system of evaluation, decision-making and action. It shapes and guides the entire organization as it evolves over time and within its community (Hinton, 2012).

Strategic Planning Process

UT System Strategic Planning & Policy uses the following integrated planning framework to align system, institution, and unit level planning and ensure continuous improvement towards the greatest decade in the history of the University of Tennessee.

Courtesy of The Society of College and University Planning, 2020 (https://www.scup.org).


Role and Function

UT System Strategic Planning & Policy:

  • Interacts with stakeholders and leaders in the University to establish a deeper understanding of strategic priorities and their potential impact
  • Coordinates a system-wide strategic planning effort in collaboration with UT Strategic Plan Goal Champions
  • Monitors ongoing system/campus strategic initiatives and campus progress toward goals in the UT Strategic Plan
  • Designs, implements, and manages system-level projects and ensures progress toward UT strategic goals
  • Establishes annual plan coordination process with UT System Administration units to ensure alignment with UT, unit, and campus goals
  • Tracks, assesses, and shares state and national trends in higher education and their likely impact on UT System
  • Understands and contextualizes global trends in higher education and how the University can better position itself in the global higher education landscape
  • Leads, champions, and facilitates data-informed decision making across the University


Hinton, K. E. (2012). A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education. Society for College and University Planning.